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Customer frequently ask us why we are working with multiple Content Distribution Networks and I think that the answer to this question is interesting for a larger audience.

Let’s start with a simple comparison. Think of a CDN like a car. All cars share characteristics but there are also a lot of differences that are not always immediately visible. Some cars are better equipped for shopping and others for moving house, some are better for families with children and others are better for men in a mid-life crisis. The same is true for CDN’s.

There are probably hundred’s of different CDN’s out there and within this large group there are probably around 15 that we would qualify as serious offerings for companies seeking a single global solution. Then there is probably a similar number of good providers for specific geographies like China, Russia or South America. Which CDN is a good solution for your company depends on your specific requirements, there is no generic answer to this question.

When customers ask us to help them select a CDN we follow a proven methodology that starts with an assessment of your applications, the underlying infrastructure, key markets and strategic plans. Based on the outcome of this assessment, we select a shortlist of 3-5 different providers with either a global or regional footprint. These vendors will be asked to deliver a financial proposal.  Then we run a proof of concept phase in which we field test each of these providers on your applications. We monitor these tests using Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring which offers datacenter hosted monitoring in every relevant location and provide insight in all relevant metrics. With these results we can clearly rank the technical performance and combine that with financials and deliver a clear recommendation.

The output of these assessments has shown us that there are a number of CDN’s that are included in these shortlists more often than others. As our Dynalight platform benefits from a tight integration, we have developed a formal partnership with some of these vendors and will probably seek additional partnerships with others in the near future. These partnerships do not influence the outcome of a CDN selection project in any way.

If you are interested in selecting a CDN or comparing the performance of your current CDN with some competitors, Lighthouse is the perfect partner for you!

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