Not so long ago, luxury brands tended to completely neglect the web in their sales and marketing strategy. These brands believed that they could only offer the best possible experience inside their shops where their products could be seen, touched and tried on while enjoying the splendid service of their highly trained staff and a glass of champagne.

Delivering a compelling experience

A lot has changed since then, even though many customers still prefer to complete their purchase inside these fabulous stores. Nowadays, the internet is playing a prominent role in how luxury brands seduce their customers. Every touchpoint in the buying cycle is delivering the same message of exclusiveness, perfection, authenticity, tradition and success. You don’t buy a product, you purchase the membership of an elite club. Choosing which product you will buy from which brand is part of the excitement and should be a real pleasure and a great experience.

Brilliant photography and high quality video are some of the key ingredients in marketing luxury brands and often used in combination with storytelling. Luxury websites have a special way to combine minimalistic design with bold imagery to deliver their message to build trust and create a desire to be part of this. The Patek Philippe website is a great example of this.

Delivering perfect artwork with a sensational user experience across all devices is not that easy to start with but delivering that perfect experience everywhere, all the time is an even bigger challenge. The internet is still not nearly as stable as people would want to believe and we all receive our daily share of performance degradations, sites not being available, 404 errors and whatnot.

Lighthouse has developed the DYNALIGHT® suite to address the most common issues that can appear on the internet in a highly automated, very robust, fashion. The CRIO solution that is part of Dynalight, is a cloud based image transformation and storage solution. You only need to provide CRIO with a single high quality image file that will be automatically tailored for optimal results on all devices and resolutions. On top of that CRIO is able to resize, crop, change backgrounds, combine multiple images into one and superimpose text on images.

You no longer have to worry about image sizes or new devices with different viewports. CRIO will take care of this for you.

CRIO will store all possible variations of your images and deliver them to your customers from our global network. The combination of optimal image size, better caching and efficient delivery will result in a 30% faster (on average) performance on mobile devices.

As a result of this, customers will stay longer on your site, visit more pages and have an increased conversion rate, all of which will have a positive impact on revenue. Your customers will have a more enjoyable experience which will match their expectations of your brand.

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