Our customer is an international fashion retail company that is selling both through its shops and boutiques, multi-brand warehouses and its own ecommerce platform. Competition is quite fierce in the fashion industry, not just among the leading brands but also because other, less respectful brands are cloning products and selling them under their own name (or even with the original brand labels).


Using web analytics, this company identified that a significant portion of their web traffic wasn’t coming from real customers but from robots and crawlers. Programs that visited their websites continuously to copy product images, descriptions and prices. They decided that they wanted to block this unwanted traffic but quickly discovered that this was easier said than done.

Modern bots are highly sophisticated and capable of dealing with captcha’s, perform logins, use variable IP addresses and schedule their visits randomly. Their existing security was able to identify a DDOS attack with extreme traffic volumes but not a bot that doesn’t want to be seen.

At that time, Lighthouse was already working on an implementation of DYNALIGHT® Crio, our image optimization solution and we proposed to launch an additional proof of concept where we would use DYNALIGHT® Elios to block unwanted traffic.

Lighthouse started with a detailed analysis of the bot traffic to identify patterns and fingerprints. Using this information we created a set of rules that immediately blocked around 75% of all bad bot activity. Finetuning the ruleset resulted in an increase to around 90%.

Projects like these do not have a real end date but require ongoing attention. The companies that develop and operate these bots are working hard to improve their products and do whatever they can to avoid our defenses. Thanks to our experience at different customers we have managed to keep up with them and improve our rulesets continuously.

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