CRIO is in between the Origin and the CDN and will create highly optimized images for all possible devices (desktop, mobiles, tablets,…) using only a single, high quality, master image from your Origin.

CRIO detects your visitor’s browser window size and/or user agent and automatically creates, caches and delivers through the CDN, appropriate re-scaled versions of web page’s embedded HTML images. This service will instantaneously reduce current needs in infrastructure and allow delivering the optimum Web experience to your online customers, for any device.

Today web and mobile applications require several versions of the same image for different contexts and devices. At the same time, visitor’s expectations for richer and more engaging content rise everyday, leading to a lower agility and increased complexity.

Origin based images manipulation, storage and delivery is often costly, not flexible and slow.

Knowing that today, the average webpage size is close to 2MB and increasing, that images often represent 75% of the size, Lighthouse launched CRIO to provide our customers with a simple, easy to manage and lightning fast Images optimization solution.

Do you want to know how CRIO will improve your customer experience?


CRIO is an image transformation service hosted in the cloud which allows you to optimize the delivery of images.


1. Resizing image

2. Cropping image

3. Magnifying image to double its size

4. Setting background color to an image

5. Compositing 2 images to generate a single image

6. Superimposing text on image


Supports Next-Generation formats like WebP and progressive JPEG which help in reducing file size and deliver faster content on mobile devices or slow speed connections.

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