Firewalls have been around since the 1990’s and are still being used by most companies today. These firewalls are mostly appliances that are being used by companies to control and protect traffic to and from their internal network to the outside world. These classical firewalls inspect network level traffic at IP and protocol level an decides what is allowed and what isn’t.

Web Application Firewalls, as the name says, focus on web applications only. These are deployed between the origin (or the CDN) and the users of the web application. This allows the WAF to monitor and inspect traffic going in both directions. If the WAF identifies something that has been defined as malicious or unwanted, it blocks that traffic.

What is being blocked and what isn’t, is defined in a set of rules or policies. These policies can be vendor defined and deal with general threats and known risks but also user defined to deal with your own specific requirements. The flexibility of the rules engine and the complexity of the rules that you can define determine for a large part the added value of a WAF.

Our DYNALIGHT® ELIOS Web Application Firewall is a software application that is hosted in the cloud. This makes it very scalable and resilient. We will help you to select standard policies (known security flaws, sql injection, buffer overflows, cross site scripting etc.) and to define any specific rules that your applications require. ELIOS is deeply integrated into our Dynalight platform and feeds into the standard management portal, dashboards and reporting.  This makes it easy to use and maintain and you no longer need to learn and use different GUI’s and setups. We provide 24x7 support and are always there to help you.

ELIOS provides you with different ways of blocking traffic. We can block traffic for a specific period of time (15 minutes, one hour) or block it indefinitely. We can block traffic from certain locations, from certain devices and user agent strings. Or we can use volume based rules to block crawlers and bots or usage pattern based rules that looks at sequences of pages. In fact, ELIOS is so advanced that we probably haven’t figured out all possible ways to use it ourselves. This makes us extremely confident that we can make it do anything you need.

Need a better protection?


Web Application Firewall that protects websites and web applications from threats.


1. SQL Injection

2. Cross-site scripting

3. Bot Detection

4. XSS attacks

5. Detection of malware in POST or PUT requests

6. Blacklisting and whitelisting user-agent and IP


Powerful rules engine that allows you to create rules to deny or allow content delivery based on request and response headers.
Advanced bot detection for bots that simulate real users.

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