Because personalization matters

Website Personalization refers to the process of delivering a tailor made experience to your customers based on their unique preferences, cluster, geography or any other kind of segmentation to make it easier for them to find the products or services they are looking for, better address their requirements and increase engagement and brand loyalty.

From a technical perspective, personalization is increasing complexity as part of the content on a page no longer be generic but variable. Many content management systems and content distribution networks are not good at showing or caching variable content. If content is no longer static, they want to generate the HTML again and again for each visitor even if the number of variations is limited.

DYNALIGHT® Flex allows you to create highly personalized content AND benefit optimally from advanced caching. This ensures a fast performance that will delight your customers!


Cloud based service that provides custom solutions to tackle problems related to dynamic content and provides front-end optimization.


  1. Dynamic content rewriting
  2. Optimizing page rendering by deferring CSS, JS
  3. Minifying CSS and JS
  4. Prefetching DNS
  5. Lazy loading images


Improve caching without sharing personal information. Allows you to cache HTML and reduce workload at origin. Rendering will begin almost instantly. Customers can interact much faster. Cache 3rd party objects

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