Multi CDN, delivers your content with the best possible performance,
everywhere, all the time.


1. Geographical region of the targeted audience

2. Geographical region of the origin server(s)

3. Connectivity between the CDN edge servers and origin server(s)

4. Load balancing of content to different CDN providers based on specific application scenario

5. Local CDN providers for regions which have regulatory laws like China and Russia


Caching dynamic content by modifying cache-key on CDN.
Accelerating delivery of dynamic content that cannot be cached.
Fuss free – Single web portal to access metrics from all CDN providers and all CDN configurations are managed internally .


CRIO is in between the Origin and the CDN and deliver optimized images for different devices (desktop, mobiles, tablets,…) when only one version of the images is taken into account at the Origin.

CRIO detects your visitor’s browser window size and/or user agent and automatically creates, caches and delivers through the CDN, appropriate re-scaled versions of web page’s embedded HTML images. This service will instantaneously reduce current needs in infrastructure and allow delivering the optimum Web experience to your online customers, for any device.

Today web and mobile applications require several versions of the same image for different contexts and devices. At the same time, visitor’s expectations for richer and more engaging content rise everyday, leading to a lower agility and increased complexity.

Origin based images manipulation, storage and delivery is often costly, not flexible and slow.

Knowing that webpage average size is close to 2MB and increasing, that images represent often 75% of the size, Lighthouse launched CRIO to provide our customers with a simple, easy to manage and lightning fast Images optimisation solution.

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